Improve the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting and strengthening physicians' ability to practice high-quality patient care in a changing environment.

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Wisconsin Medical Society: A Brief Overview

The Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) is the largest physician advocacy organization in Wisconsin, representing more than 12,800 physicians and their patients.

A trusted health policy leader and professional development resource, the Society has a rich and proud history advancing the science and art of medicine. Through its advocacy efforts, the Society represents the unified voice of physicians statewide on state and national health care issues and provides members with information needed to navigate health care legislation and regulatory changes. The Society also provides innovative physician education and practice management resources, and accredits continuing medical education programs.

Ironically, the Wisconsin Medical Society is older than the state of Wisconsin itself. Created as the State Medical Society of Wisconsin by an act of the Territorial Legislature in 1841, the Society is the oldest association in the state. The first recorded meeting of Society members occurred February 3, 1842 at the capitol in Madison. Though the practice of medicine has changed in myriad ways over the past 170 years, one thing has remained constant: the Society’s mission to improve the health of the people of Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Medical Society
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