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Fellowships Awarded – 2017

The goal of the Foundation’s Summer Fellowship program is to provide medical students with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of how community organizations and/or government entities work with the medical profession to address health issues in Wisconsin. Each student receives a stipend of up to $3,500.

  • Tegan Ake, student at MCW
    Project: Healthy Pregnancy and Beyond: Novel interventions for improving prenatal health in homeless pregnant women.
    Mentor: Sabina Diehr, MD
    Partially funding by Winnebago County Medical Society

  • Meinuo Chen, student at MCW
    Project: Effect of a Best-Practice Alert on the Rate of Smoking Cessation Among Pregnant Women
    Mentor: Anna Palatnik, MD
    Partially funding by Marathon County Medical Society

  • Lauren Engel, student at MCW
    Project: Comparing treatment offered to patients on government funded healthcare plans.
    Mentor: Linda Ellis, MD
    Funded by Waukesha County Medical Society

  • Michael Muradian, student at MCW
    Project: Tackling the Opioid Abuse Epidemic: Assessing the Impact of a PDMP Mandate on Screening and Referral for Opioid Use Disorders
    Mentor: Amy Zosel, MD
    Partially funding by Doctor Richard and Wendy Dart

  • Sierra Tackett, student at MCW
    Project: Characterization of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program’s Use by Emergency Physicians
    Mentor: Amy Zosel, MD

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