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Foundation Fellowship Fund

For more than 11 years, the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation’s Summer Fellowship program has linked medical students with practicing physician mentors to work on community health initiatives over the summer. Each year the Foundation has supported summer learning opportunities throughout the state ranging from projects on childhood obesity to suicide prevention among the elderly. The feedback from all participants—students, physicians and community organizations—is that these fellowships are a worthwhile investment of both time and resources that improve health and may ultimately help drive a passion for student participants to return and practice in Wisconsin communities.

  • Student Benefit—Intensive summer work opportunity in a community setting; exposure to practicing in a Wisconsin healthcare setting; connection to a community public health issue; research experience; leadership experience; personal development; potential to present findings and lessons learned through the Society’s WMJ, Foundation publications and at County Medical Society meetings.
  • Mentor Benefit—Opportunity to mentor, share knowledge and passion, give back to an excited, engaged medical student who is eager to work and learn from you; recognition and exposure from the promotion and publication of the program and project findings in various media avenues.
  • Community/Hospital/Clinic Benefit—Opportunity to introduce a student to a specific health system or area of Wisconsin through a defined project; great community publicity opportunity and chance to display a hospital or organization’s connection to public health initiatives and education; opportunity for limited-term skilled assistance on a health education or research project.


Current Foundation Fellowship Fund Supporters

  • Catherine Coyle, RN, PHD
  • Patrick Cummings, MD
  • Doctor Richard and Wendy Dart
  • Doctors Noel and Lakshmi Deep
  • Douglas B. Evans, MD
  • Doctors David Falk and JoAnne Robbins
  • Doctor Timothy and Joan Flaherty
  • David Galbis-Reig, MD
  • Doctors David and Ann Hoffmann
  • Ralph F. Hudson, MD
  • Pauline M. Jackson, MD
  • Doctor Norman and Nancy Jensen
  • Edward Knuteson, MD
  • Suzanne J. Martens, MD, MHP
  • Donald McKee, MD
  • Thomas Pagedas, MD
  • Doctor Dennis and Sharon Ryan
  • Stephen B. Wilson, MD
  • Marathon County Medical Society
  • Waukesha County Medical Society
  • Winnebago County Medical Society

For more information on how you can become a Foundation Fellowship Fund supporter, e-mail Program Coordinator Elizabeth Ringle or call 866.442.3800.

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