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Student Loan Application Instructions

The Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation (Foundation) is pleased to offer private education loans to medical students through its student loan program. You may complete your application here or you may obtain a packet from your school’s financial aid office.

Loan Application Materials

Please begin by reading this letter.


For your reference, key information about the Foundation’s Student Loan Program is noted below.

General Eligibility Requirements

  • Are a resident of the state of Wisconsin as deemed by the Higher Educational Aids Board of the State of Wisconsin.
  • Have completed or be in the process of completing at least one year of medical school.
  • Are enrolled on a full-time basis and are in good standing at the Medical College of Wisconsin School, or are on an approved leave of absence not exceeding one year.
  • Are a student member of the Wisconsin Medical Society if not on an approved leave of absence.
  • Demonstrate financial need, which is defined as borrowing a minimum of $20,000 in Federal Direct Student Loans.
  • Meet the eligibility requirements of the Federal Direct Loan Program.
  • Are not in default on any educational loan, have not shown an unwillingness to repay any educational loan, and do not owe any refund on a grant or loan.


Funding Availability and Limits

  • The loan amount, if your application is approved, is $7,000.
  • Students are limited to $21,000 in loans under the Foundation’s Student Loan Program.
  • While the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation Student Loan Program would like to be able to approve all funding applications, we do have limits on the amount of funds it can award. The amount of funding available is determined by a number of factors, including but not limited to contributions made to the Foundation’s Student Loan Fund.


Important Dates

  • November 15 Application packets are available from your school’s financial aid office.
  • March 1 Date by which loan applications must be received by your school’s financial aid office. Applications will NOT be accepted after this date.
  • July 1 Date by which applicants will be notified as to whether their loan application was approved. Approval will likely be sooner.

If you have questions about the loan application process after reviewing the loan application packet contact your financial aid office.

Note: Applicants approved for loan funding will receive more correspondence from the Foundation and will be required to formally accept the loan. Because applicants may be required to respond to certain correspondence from the Foundation within a certain time frame it is important that applicants keep the Foundation apprised of any changes to their contact information (e.g. mailing address, phone number.)

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