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Charles W. Landis, MD

Charles W. Landis, MD, was widely recognized for his knowledge and insight. Coming into medicine after naval service in both theatres in World War II, his life exuded both passion and compassion. He had a remarkable ability to synthesize complex issues and to find humor in most of life’s situations.

As the first Director of Mental Health for Milwaukee County from 1958 to 1970, Charles W. Landis, MD, reshaped Milwaukee’s mental health services. He melded custodial care with outpatient day care and linked medical college faculty with patient care at the county mental health complex that now bears his name. He served in private practice and in leadership roles in national medical and psychiatric associations, county and state medical societies, the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Medical College of Wisconsin. Doctor Landis was a major force for improving the teaching and practice of psychiatry and changing public perception of mental illness and health.

The Landis Memorial Endowment was created within the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation through a generous gift from Mrs. Mary Landis of Elm Grove, Wis., as a tribute to her husband. Dedicated to professional and public education programs relating to psychiatry and mental health, the use of the memorial endowment funds reflect Dr. Landis’s perspective that life has many faces.

Since 1998, Landis Memorial programs have covered a diverse range of topics including media & psychiatry, anxiety, depression, memory and aging, Alzheimer Disease, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, brain imaging, insomnia, mood and depression in menopause and most recently a series of educational webinars on child and adolescent psychiatry issues. Funding from the Charles W. Landis, MD Memorial Endowment is awarded through the Foundation’s Grant Program.

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