Improve the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting and strengthening physicians' ability to practice high-quality patient care in a changing environment.

2012 HOD Meeting Materials and Resolutions

Final Actions: Reference Committee A- Health Insurance Coverage and Accesss

Resolution 101: Death With Dignity

Resolution 102: Prohibition of Portable Electronic Device Use While Driving

Resolution 103: Binge Drinking in Wisconsin

Resolution 104: Restrictions on Discussions between Physicians and Patients Regarding Gun Ownership

Resolution 105: Shared Stewardship of Health Care Costs

Resolution 106: Actions to Support Physicians Rights to Independently Contract with Medicare and Other Insured Patients

Resolution 107: Wisconsin Medical Society Advance Care Planning Project

Resolution 108: Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund

Resolution 109: Promote Clinical Research into the Efficacy of Marijuana by Reclassification as a Schedule 2 Controlled Substance

Resolution 110: Support of Legislation for Medically Accurate, Age-Appropriate Sexual Health Education in Public Wisconsin Public Schools Health

Resolution 111: Support of the Legal Right of Civil Marriage Between Any Two Consenting Adults

Board Report A-1 through A-11

Policy Addendum – Reference Committee A

Final Actions: Reference Committee Report B-Quality/Clinical Outcomes

Resolution 201: Costs of Assessing Clinical Competence

Resolution 202: Advancement in Advocacy and Medical Care of Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Resolution 203: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Elder Health

Resolution 204: Supporting Two-Interval Grading Systems for Medical Education in Wisconsin

Resolution 205: Withdrawn by author

Resolution 206: Pregnancy “Counseling” Centers

Resolution 207: Call Requirements for Private Independent Physicians

Resolution 208: Maintenance of Licensure

Resolution 209: Electronic Medical Records

Late Resolution 210: Maintenance of Licensure

Late Resolution 211: Reinstatement of Consultation Codes

Final Actions: Reference Committee C–Organization and Finances

Resolution 301: Non-Member Voting Delegates

Informational Report C-1: 2012 Budget

Action Report C-2: 2011 House of Delegates Resolution 304 – County Medical Society Liaisons

Action Report C-3: Charter Agreement, Model County Medical Society Constitution and Bylaws

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