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About the HOD

The House of Delegates is the primary policymaking body for the Society. Article IV of the Society’s Constitution provides as follows:

The House of Delegates (“House”) shall be the policymaking body of the Wisconsin Medical Society. The House shall consist of elected Delegates, Speaker, a Vice-Speaker and others as provided in the Bylaws.

The House of Delegates conducts its business once each year during the Society’s Annual Meeting. Members of county medical societies, the young physician section, resident section, special sections, specialty sections and medical student sections elect delegates to represent their interests and views on policy and other important issues.

During the Annual Meeting, Society members serve on Reference Committees to consider and make recommendations to the House of Delegates regarding resolutions, reports of officers, reports of councils and committees and financial and other matters germane to the business of the House of Delegates. In addition to reviewing and deciding policy and other issues, the Delegates elect Nominating Committee members and Society officers. The business that the House of Delegates conducts during the Annual Meeting helps the Society to advance the science and art of medicine, improve the health of the people of Wisconsin and secure the enactment and enforcement of appropriate public policy.