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RFS and YPS Elections

Each year, Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) leadership positions become available to members of the Society’s Special Sections. Watch Medigram and bookmark this page to stay up to date on the nomination and election process.


  1. Posting of open positions.
  2. Nomination period.
  3. Posting of the nominees and their biographies.
  4. Voting
  5. Posting of election results.



Resident Fellow Section

Elections will be open until midnight Tuesday, May 8 for the following leadership positions on the RFS Governing Council:

RFS Representative to Society Board of Directors

  • Marielle Brenner, MD
    My interest in being involved in the WMS RFS stems largely from my previous involvement in organized medicine. Since very early in medical school, I have held several positions in organized medicine at varying levels including locally representing my medical school as the Dane County Medical Society medical student representative to the Board of Trustees, being elected as the secretary of the Region 2 executive board of the AMA-MSS for two terms, and being appointed vice chair of the Committee for Long Range Planning (COLRP) for the national AMA-MSS, and serving as my medical school delegate to both the AMA and WMS annual/interim meetings. I intend to continue to my involvement in organized medicine throughout residency and would love the opportunity to continue working with WMS. I believe that I could be an asset to the WMS RFS team given my previous experiences in organized medicine and the skills that I have developed through these experiences. During my work with COLRP, I have audited and developed new internal operating procedures for the AMA-MSS by organizing a team, delegating tasks, identifying stakeholders, and eliciting feedback over the course of several months. Similarly, I reviewed and created ubiquitous standards for region bylaws in the AMA MSS by leading a team that systematically surveyed the seven regions of the AMA-MSS and presented these standards for review by the general assembly for approval. Additionally, I have had experience as the collective voice for my medical school as the student representative for the Dane County Medical Society Board of Trustees and I currently represent my residency on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. Overall, I hope my passion for organized medicine and the skills I have learned along the way can continue forward with involvement in the WMS RFS.
  • Jennifer Cromwell, MD
    I was inspired and energized by Doctor Day 2018 and was impressed by the level of organization, collaboration, and engagement. On a day to day basis, I notice many policy issues that impact my practice and my patients’ ability to access care. I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to, and have a voice in, medical policy issues in Wisconsin. An issue of particular interest is the nationwide opioid epidemic. I believe that the Representative to Society Board of Directors would be a good fit for me. I believe that I possess the diplomacy, clarity, and professionalism that such a role would require, and I would enjoy representing Residents and Fellows to the Board.
  • James Lehman, MD
    I have been involved in Wisconsin Medical Society in different capacities for about 7 years. It is a personal goal of mine — now that more of my own time is under my own control going into my third year of residency soon — to return to this type of advocacy role. I have strengths in building consensus, maintaining bidirectional communication between the representatives and represented. Opportunities to improve my rhetorical skills, to work with varying ideologies, and to select priorities are important to my ongoing growth as a physician-advocate.



  • James Lehman, MD
    (See his notice of interest above.)


Vice Chair

  • James Lehman, MD
    (See his notice of interest above.)


At-large Governing Council Member

  • Marielle Brenner, MD
    (See her notice of interest above.)
  • Vuong Vu, MD
    As a resident and early-career psychiatrist, I am recognizing how much of an impact physicians can make on patient care beyond the history and physical exam. In reference to Wisconsin Medical Society’s mission to “advance the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting medical and health education” and “supporting and strengthening physicians’ ability to practice high-quality patient care in a changing environment”, I find that much of that environment changes at the policy-making level. As a potential AMA RFS delegate and/or an at-large governing council member, I will be honored to be in a leadership with an opportunity to represent specific resident physician interests and the interests of our young generation of physicians at the county, state, and national levels. In going to the polls in general elections on a regular basis, I understand the importance of how just showing up and wielding a vote can make a difference. I know I will take full advantage of building meaningful connections and will appreciate how fulfilling this professional role can be beyond patient care.


American Medical Association (AMA) RFS Delegates

  • Laurel Bessey, MD
    I have been an AMA delegate to the RFS from WI for the past 3 years. I would like to continue for my last RFS meeting this summer and pass off leadership to new delegates.
  • Marielle Brenner, MD
    (See her notice of interest above.)
  • James Lehman, MD
    (See his notice of interest above.)
  • Jamie Schneider, MD
    I would like to represent the WMS RFS at the AMA RFS meetings. I have been attending the AMA meetings regularly since my M1 year and am comfortable with the proceedings and the people involved. As I go into my 3rd year of EM training I will have more flexibility in my scheduling and can make the time to again get involved in this capacity. Additionally, I plan to be involved in the convention committee process for the AMA meetings again this year.
  • Vuong Vu, MD
    (See his notice of interest above.)

Click here for the election ballot. Email the Society’s membership department with any questions.


Young Physicians Section


Election Results

Chair-elect (one-year term before becoming Chair)

  • Klint Peebles

Wisconsin Medical Society House of Delegates (HOD) YPS alternate delegate (two-year term)

  • Jared Stahlecker

American Medical Association YPS alternate delegate (two-year term)

  • Bradley Burmeister


In addition to the positions listed above, the YPS Governing Council is comprised of the following members whose terms are not up for nomination in 2018:

  • Incoming YPS Chair—Amy Liepert, MD
  • Incoming Immediate YPS Past Chair—Gurdesh Bedi, MD
  • Society Board of Directors—Angela Janis, MD
  • At-Large YPS Governing Council—Lisa Maurer, MD
  • YPS delegate to the Society’s HOD—Pradeep Kumar Wardhan, MD
  • YPS alternate delegate to the Society’s HOD – Inieke M. Ikpe, MD
  • YPS delegate to the AMA—Keshni Ramnanan, MD; Gurdesh Bedi, MD


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