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RFS and YPS Elections

Each year, Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) leadership positions become available to members of the Society’s Special Sections. Watch Medigram and bookmark this page to stay up to date on the nomination and election process.


  1. Posting of open positions.
  2. Nomination period.
  3. Posting of the nominees and their biographies.
  4. Voting
  5. Posting of election results.



Resident Fellow Section


Election Results

RFS Representative to Society Board of Directors

  • Casey Melcher, MD


  • Laurel Bessey, MD

Vice Chair

  • Michelle Stoffel, MD


  • Wes Fox, MD

At-large Governing Council Member

  • Bradley Burmeister, MD
  • Maria Mora Pinzon, MD

American Medical Association RFS Delegates

  • Laurel Bessey, MD
  • Bradley Burmeister, MD
  • Casey Melcher, MD
  • Klint Peebles, MD
  • Maria Mora Pinzon, MD

Note: RFS elections took place on April 22 during the RFS annual meeting. E-mail Javier Reza with any questions.


Young Physicians Section


Election Results

Chair-elect (one-year term before becoming Chair)

  • Amr El Haraki, MD

Wisconsin Medical Society House of Delegates (HOD) YPS alternate delegate (two-year term)

  • Amr El Haraki, MD

American Medical Association YPS alternate delegate (two-year term)

  • Gurdesh Bedi, MD

In addition to the newly elected positions listed above, the YPS Governing Council is comprised of the following members whose terms are not up for nomination in 2017:

  • Incoming YPS Chair—Amy Liepert, MD
  • Incoming Immediate YPS Past Chair—Gurdesh Bedi, MD
  • Society Board of Directors—Angela Janis, MD
  • At-Large YPS Governing Council—Lisa Maurer, MD
  • YPS delegate to the Society‚Äôs HOD—Gurdesh Bedi, MD
  • YPS delegate to the AMA—Keshni Ramnanan, MD; Gurdesh Bedi, MD

Note: An election notice was sent March 31 via e-mail to all YPS members. Voting was completed April 7. E-mail Javier Reza with any questions.

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