Improve the health of the people of Wisconsin by supporting and strengthening physicians' ability to practice high-quality patient care in a changing environment.

Staff Directory

General Administration
William “Rick” Abrams, JD, CEO, 608.442.3700
Bob Foulks, Deputy CEO and Chief Financial Officer, 608.442.3788
Nancy Nankivil, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, 608.442.3740
Noreen Krueger, Governance Executive Assistant, 608.442.3904

Accounting & Finance
Mary Buroker, Controller, 608.442.3711
Laura Duecker, Dues Coordinator, 608.442.3775
Phyllis Porter, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator, 608.442.3753
Lori Sherman, Account Coordinator-AP, 608.442. 3713

John Boxrucker, Facilities Manager, 608.442.3715
Rick Carpenter, Maintenance Mechanic, 608.442.3717
Margie Day, Custodian

Eileen Wilson, Executive Director, 608.442.3722
Elizabeth Ringle, Program Coordinator, 608.442.3789
Heather Sonley, Outreach Coordinator, 608.442.3756
Miranda Helt, Event Coordinator Intern, 608.442.3721

Government Relations
Mark Grapentine, JD, Sr. Vice President of Government Relations, 608.442.3768
John Maycroft, Director of Policy Development and Initiatives, 608.442.3766
Chris Rasch, Director of State and Federal Relations, 608.442.3791
Heidi Green, Political Action & Legislative Member Liaison, 608.442.3720
Michele Coleman Policy Analyst, 608.442.3807
Curt Gielow, Senior Advisor

Human Resources

Information Technology
Craig Klassy, IT Manager, 608.442.3786
Dan Ace, Network Administrator, 608.442.3787
Jim Bockhop, End User Support Technician, 608.442.3714

Insurance & Financial Services
Ellie Rohrdanz, President – Insurance Agency, 608.442.3734
Bob Borland, Director of Agency Operations, 608.442. 3726
Alisa Allen, Insurance Agent, 608.442.3730
Shawna Bertalot, Vice President of Alternative Risk Solutions, 608.442.3738
Dawn Block, Agency Assistant, 608.442.3725
Karen Brunker, Sales & Service Associate, 608.442.3728
Carrie Hanson, Sales & Service Associate, 608.442.3732
Melissa Schall, Insurance Agent, 608.442.3731 or 800.975.3418
Erin Wilichowski, Customer Service Associate, 608.442.3718

Milwaukee Office Staff
Collette Cesar, Sales & Service Associate, 414.238.6102
Kathy Mueller, Insurance Agent, 414.238.6103
Eileen Mystrow, Sales & Service Associate, 414.238.6104
David Serena, Insurance Agent, 414.238.6105
Laura Heil Kinart, Insurance Agent, 414.238.6106

Fox Valley Office Staff
Anita Simes, Insurance Agent, 920.731.2150

Office of General Counsel
Michelle Leiker, JD, Assistant General Counsel, 608.442.3757
John Rather, JD, Assistant General Counsel, 608.442.3736

Marketing & Communications
Kendi Parvin, Director of Communications, WMJ Managing Editor, 608.442.3748
Mary Kay Adams-Edgette, Communications Coordinator, Sr. Graphic Designer, 608.442.3735
Jennifer Wieman, Communications Specialist, 608.442.3765
Deana Hipke, Administrative Assistant, 608.442.3752
Joe Roling, Web Specialist, 608.442.3758

Jeffrey Nelson, Director of Membership and Business Development, 608.442.3762
James Reuter, Vice President of Membership and Business Development, 608.442.3727 or 800.975.3414
Lauren Rusch, Dues Coordinator, 608.442.3744
Diane Stampfli, Member Retention Specialist, 608.442.3763

Quality & Efficiency
Jen Cohrs, Director of Educational Strategies, 608.442.3784,
Cindy Helstad, PhD, Senior Director of Research and Data Analytics, 608.442.3751
Laura Jacobs, Project Manager/Business Analyst, 608.442.3783
Jaime Schleis, Quality & Efficiency Coordinator, 608.442.3781
Megan Schomer, Medical Education and Professional Development Coordinator, 608.442.3776
Joyce Hart Smerick, Honoring Choices Wisconsin Program Coordinator, 608.442.3723
Erin Aagesen, Honoring Choices Wisconsin Community Engagement and Evaluation Specialist, 608.442.3746
Stephanie Taylor, CME Coordinator, 608.442.3796
Susan Wiegmann, PhD, Senior Director of Medical Education and Professional Development, 608.442.3754
Todd Wuerger, Business Development Specialist, 608.442.3749

Wisconsin Medical Society Holdings
Linda Syth, CEO, 608.442.3750