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Key Contacts

The Wisconsin Medical Society Key Legislative Contact Program is for member physicians who have a relationship with a state or federal elected official, or would like to develop one.

Occasionally when an issue is being debated, we ask our Key Legislative Contacts to call, e-mail or write their legislators and ask for their support. We will provide you with all the information you need to talk to your legislator. Legislators are more receptive to advice from someone they know or who is a constituent, which is why this type of grassroots activity is crucial to our policy success.

You may know the legislator fairly well — as a friend, patient, former classmate, neighbor or group member. If you prefer, you can work with us to develop relationships with key policy makers who represent the district in which you live and/or work.

We need your help to put this grassroots team together. Nobody is better positioned to relay medical issues to elected officials than the physician who sees patients every day and understands the true impact of proposed legislation and regulation.

Questions? Contact Peter Welch.