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TEC-006: Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: The Wisconsin Medical Society:

  1. Recognizes the use of artificial intelligence as a complementary tool
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PHY-017: Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment in Medicine

Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment in Medicine: The Wisconsin Medical Society:

  1. Supports zero tolerance of sexual harassment in medicine,
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PHY-016: Use of Person-Centered Language

Use of Person-Centered Language: The Wisconsin Medical Society encourages the use of person-centered language. (HOD, 0418)… Read More

MEB-015: Prohibition of Maintenance of Certification

Prohibition of Maintenance of Certification: Medical licensure, hospital medical staff privileges and eligibility for insurance company reimbursement/participation should not … Read More

PHA-014: Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals From International Sources

Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals From International Sources: The Wisconsin Medical Society expresses to Wisconsin’s members of Congress the strong recommendation for … Read More

PHY-015: Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising: The Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) supports legislation that clarifies physician and healthcare practitioner qualifications and does … Read More