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Lemke – With Mom (3)

Leslie Lemke perfoms with his mother.… Read More

Lemke – With Mom (2)

Leslie Lemke and mother.… Read More

Lemke – With Mom

Leslie Lemke with his mom and piano.… Read More

2013 Archive

Update: Sept. 10, 2013

Fact Sheet offers information on savant skills and educational strategies

Dr. Trevor Clark has developed specific … Read More

My marvelous journey with incredible savants: What have I learned?

By Darold Treffert, MD

So much of what happens to us in life is not by plan, but rather by … Read More

Savant Syndrome 2013— Myths and Realities

By Darold A. Treffert, MD

I met my first savant in July, 1962. It was my first day on the … Read More

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