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ACC-010: Firearm Possession and Safety

Firearm Possession and Safety: The Wisconsin Medical Society recognizes that uncontrolled ownership and use of firearms, especially handguns, is a serious threat to the public’s health inasmuch as the weapons are one of the main causes of intentional and unintentional injuries and deaths.

The Society supports laws and regulations that:

  • Promote firearm safety.
  • Keep firearms, especially handguns, out of the hands of children except in the cases of adult supervised hunting and sport shooting outings.
  • Prevent firearms from being sold to, or possessed by, convicted felons and those with a diagnosed mental illness that may make them a hazard to themselves and others.
  • Impose criminal background checks and a waiting period for the purchase of any firearms.
  • Prohibit the manufacture and sale of handguns with barrel lengths of less than four inches.
  • Prohibit possession of a firearm by people who are subject to a court-ordered injunction for domestic abuse or child abuse.

Further, the Society supports joint meetings between representatives of the American Medical Association and the National Rifle Association to facilitate communication and resolve differences so that gun violence in America can be reduced.

The Society also believes that the licensing of individuals to carry concealed firearms should be based on evidence showing net benefit to the health of the public. (HOD 0417)