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ACC-016: Firearm Safety

Firearm Safety: The Wisconsin Medical Society:

  • Supports legislation that would remove Congressional prohibitions against the collection, analysis and reporting of data by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding injuries and deaths associated with the use of firearms, and that would encourage the CDC to engage in such research regarding such injuries.
  • Encourages physicians to access the most accurate and timely data available regarding firearm safety and use that information to educate and counsel their patients about firearm safety.
  • Supports federal legislation that would affirm the rights of physicians to have free and open communication with their patients regarding matters of firearm safety and the use of gun locks in their homes.
  • Encourages and applauds state, county and specialty medical societies, the charitable foundations associated with those medical societies, and the AMA Alliance and its state and local chapters, when they undertake projects to educate physicians and patients about the use of gun locks and locks on gun cases and projects to facilitate the low-cost distribution of gun locks for use in our nation’s homes to minimize the risk of firearm injuries and deaths, especially to children.
  • Encourages and applauds physicians who are sportsmen and sportswomen to become involved in local firearm safety classes for the general public and to proclaim in such settings that they are physicians so that the public will know of the interest of physicians in such educational activities as a means of promoting injury prevention and the public health.
  • Supports increasing physician involvement by encouraging counseling about firearm storage during wellchild visits and annual physicals. (HOD, 0416)