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ALC-011: Drug Testing – Employee

Drug Testing – Employee: The Wisconsin Medical Society opposes indiscriminate, not-for-cause-testing for drug use by employers of current employees. There are limited for-cause situations or safety-sensitive occupations in which urine testing may provide clinically valid and useful information, such as:

  1. In relation to an incident of probable intoxicated behavior at the work site.
  2. After an incident with safety implications that is most readily explained by “human error.”
  3. Before return to work after suspension for an incident such as 1 or 2 (above) or after treatment for chemical dependency.
  4. Monitoring of post-treatment recovery for certain critical occupations. Less expensive “screening” tests should be considered valid only when positive results (and clinically indicated negative results) are confirmed by more extensive and more accurate methods, such as gas chromatography or mass spectroscopy. Employers should establish and distribute clear guidelines as to which employees and/or prospective employees will be subject to testing and under what conditions.

Interpretation, recommendation and possible intervention of confirmed positive reactors to be carried out by a medical review officer. (HOD, 0418)