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ALC-012: Improving Prevention and Treatment of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Improving Prevention and Treatment of Excessive Alcohol Consumption: The Wisconsin Medical Society will advocate for programs aimed at reducing binge drinking, including, but not limited to:

  • Strengthening dram shop liability laws.
  • Prohibiting drinking establishments from offering inducements (such as “happy hour” or “two for one”) that promote excessive alcoholic beverage consumption.
  • Counseling and rehabilitation services for all Wisconsin residents, when indicated, including providing insurance coverage (public and private) for these services.
  • Counseling, rehabilitation and education services at post-secondary educational institutions in Wisconsin, when indicated.
  • Education for bartenders on recognizing excessive alcohol consumption in patrons and proper methods for refusing service.
  • Public outreach to communities on the risks of binge drinking and evidence-based strategies to avoid harm. (HOD, 0412)