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ALC-015: Alcohol and the Driver

Alcohol and the Driver:
The Wisconsin Medical Society:

  • Favors public information and education against any drinking by drivers.
  • Supports 0.04 percent blood-alcohol level as per se illegal for driving, and urges incorporation of that provision in all state drunk driving laws.
  • Supports 21 as the legal drinking age, supports strong penalties for providing alcohol to persons younger than 21, and stronger penalties for providing alcohol to drivers younger than 21.
  • The blood alcohol concentration for the legal operation of any such motorized vehicle by persons under 21 years of age should be non-detectable.
  • Urges adoption by all states of legislation calling for administrative suspension or revocation of driver licenses after conviction for driving under the influence, and mandatory revocation after a specified number of repeat offenses.
  • Encourages industry efforts to develop a safety module that thwarts operation of a car by an intoxicated person.
  • Supports the concept of designated driver programs throughout the state.
  • Supports legislation to overturn the statutory ban on the use of sobriety checkpoints in Wisconsin
  • Supports mandatory and timely alcohol and drug assessments for individuals charged with intoxicated driving and mandatory and timely treatment as indicated by assessments
  • All state laws applicable to intoxicated operation of on-road motor vehicles (automobiles, trucks, motor homes or the like) or on-water transportation should apply to the operation of all personal (non-commercial) motorized vehicles, including but not limited to motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, scooters, mopeds, snowmobiles, boats, personal watercraft (jet skis and the like), Segways and comparable products. (HOD, 0417)