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ALT-003: Non-conventional Medical Care

Non-conventional Medical Care: Authoritative medical practice standards and guidelines are to be respected and followed. Illness is often complex because of variability in and interaction among cultural, psychological, biologic and pathologic variables. High quality medical practice needs flexibility to customize diagnosis and treatment actions to meet the needs of individual patients.

The Wisconsin Medical Society supports legal, ethical and professional practice standards that grant physicians that degree of flexibility that allows for, and indeed promotes the customizing of care for individuals aiming for optimal outcomes grounded in patient preference
and scientific evidence.

The Society also supports vigorous local peer review of practice, and to that end advocates for the following principles:

  • Any element of medical care must first be based upon accepted standards of safety.
  • Any element of medical care must be based at least upon minimally acceptable evidence of effectiveness.
  • Any element of medical care must be based upon prevailing standards of informed consent and refusal.

Any judicial process regarding the appropriateness of any item of medical care, whether based on legal, ethical, or professional standards, must incorporate expert opinion from all relevant perspectives. (HOD, 0412)