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DHC-004: Wisconsin Health Care Collaborative

Wisconsin Health Care Collaborative: The Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) endorses the efforts of the Wisconsin Collaborative for Health Care Quality (WCHCQ) and supports the collection and public reporting by medical groups in Wisconsin of data consistent with the Collaborative’s measures. The Society will explore ways to support smaller medical groups in collecting a feasible subset of the data elements endorsed by the WCHCQ.

Characteristics of ideal performance measures should include the following:

  • The measures must be evidence-based and broadly accepted within the medical community as valid and reliable indicators.
  • The measures must have established standards for satisfactory performance assessment.
  • There is the ability to collect the measures in a standardized and reliable way across multiple physicians and sites of care.
  • The measure is applicable to a group of patients of sufficient size to provide a reliable estimate of physician performance in caring for patients with that condition.
  • Factors include differences among patients prior to medical diagnosis and treatment (i.e. case-mix, severity of illness, comorbidity).
  • Factors may also include sociodemographic characteristics that influence patient adherence to treatments.
  • Data collection is open to all Wisconsin clinicians.
  • Data measures include the full spectrum of care (i.e., preventive, acute, chronic, inpatient, outpatient).
  • Data are verified by an independent third-party. (HOD, 0413)