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DPS-001: Data Collection Law

Data Collection Law: The Wisconsin Medical Society will study and act on all appropriate and reasonable means (legislative, legal and educational) to:

  • Maintain the patient privacy and confidentiality protections written into the data collection law Wis. Stat. ยง 153.05 (2011-12), as a result of Society advocacy on behalf of patients and physicians.
  • Eliminate the assessment on physicians to fund the out-patient data collection program.
  • Support funding the program with general purpose revenue in lieu of health care professional assessments.
  • Closely monitor the implementation of this law to ensure that there is appropriate physician involvement and physician input/comment in determining the usefulness of the information collected and how the information will be used.
  • Ensure that the law be implemented in a manner that is not administratively burdensome or that does not result in increased costs to patients and physicians.
  • Advocate for patients by developing a patient education pamphlet explaining the implementation of the Data Collection Law and its possible consequences. (HOD, 0414)