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DRU-001: Guiding Principles on Prescription Drugs

Guiding Principles on Prescription Drugs: The Wisconsin Medical Society supports the following policy on prescription drugs:

The Society supports appropriate legislative or regulatory programs that will ensure, to the greatest extent possible, the availability and affordability of prescription drugs for all Wisconsin patients. The following elements should be included in any legislation or regulation:

  • The primary focus should be the best interest of patients.
  • Allowance for the most efficacious and cost-effective treatment for patients, providing for reasonable formularies with a medically appropriate range of treatment options.
  • Patients’ needs and ability to pay must be taken into consideration.
  • Dealing effectively with the recent sharp escalation in the cost of prescription drugs, which is disproportionately increasing relative to overall cost increases in the health care system.

The Society supports continuing physician education on clinically appropriate, cost-effective prescribing in order to enhance patient access to prescription drugs.

State-level solutions could include:

  • State-funded programs to provide assistance to low income Wisconsin citizens to purchase prescription medications.
  • Physician and patient education programs on the use of bio-equivalent generics.
  • Purchasing pools for volume purchasers.
  • Medicaid waivers.
  • Pharmaceutical rebate and discount programs

Federal-level solutions could include:

  • Changing the reimportation laws for pharmaceuticals.
  • Changing federal price and competition regulations.
  • Restriction of direct-to-consumer marketing. (HOD, 0416)