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DRU-024: Research and Access to Abuse-Deterrent and Abuse-Resistant Opioids

Research and Access to Abuse-Deterrent and Abuse-Resistant Opioids: Prescription opioids can be abused by tampering, crushing, dissolving or chemically altering the medication and delivering the drug in ways other than the intended and recommended route of administration. The Wisconsin Medical Society:

  • Acknowledges that scientifically rigorous research is needed to determine the long-term safety and efficacy of abuse-resistant and abuse-deterrent medications as compared to traditional opioid medications, and supports such research that takes into consideration the known routes of abuse for typical opioid medications and seeks to produce medications that reduce overall abuse.
  • Acknowledges that increased prescribing of abuse-deterrent medications may lead some individuals to shift their drug use to other drugs or routes of administration, and supports increased research on how to ameliorate this unintended secondary effect.
  • Supports reasonable and appropriate pricing of abuse-deterrent and abuse-resistant opioid formulations as they become available, so that cost does not create a barrier to their use, so that they are covered at the same level as non abuse-deterrent formulations, and so that access to such drugs is just and equitable. (HOD, 0416)