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DRU-025: Safe Storage and Disposal of Prescription Drugs

Safe Storage and Disposal of Prescription Drugs: The Wisconsin Medical Society:

  • Supports initiatives designed to promote and facilitate safe and appropriate storage and disposal of prescription medications, including community, state or national drug “take-back” programs.
  • Supports clear labeling on all medications as to the safe storage and disposal of such medicines, whether for expired medicines or for medicines that are no longer needed by the patient for whom they were prescribed.
  • Encourages physicians and health care professionals who prescribe medications to discuss proper storage and disposal practices with their patients and patients’ families, and to inform their patients about upcoming drug take-back days in Wisconsin.
  • Encourages initiatives to establish statewide standards and methods for the effective disposal of consumer medications in all care programs (including home health care hospice programs) and facilities (including nursing homes and residential hospice programs) and that comply with state and federal waste management laws.
  • Encourages citizen coalitions to become advocates for safe drug storage and disposal, particularly for drugs that are addictive or pose the risk of overdose, such as opioid analgesics.
  • Supports medical school and postgraduate training that incorporates curriculum on the role of the prescriber in educating patients on safe medication storage and disposal. (HOD, 0416)