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EMC-006: Support of Commercial Vendors

Support of Commercial Vendors: The Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) welcomes the support of continuing medical education by commercial vendors. Guidelines for this support are officially adopted from Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education’s Standards for Commercial Support and are as follows:

  • Program Control: In accordance with the guidelines, the overall planning and responsibility for the Continuing Medical Education activity is with the Council on Medical Education. This includes the selection of speakers, topics, meeting sites and other important decisions.
  • Recognition: Financial support is acknowledged by an appropriate statement on all printed materials. The Council on Medical Education receives grants directly and pays the expenses and honoraria from the Society account. Publicity for the activity is controlled solely by the Society and its Council on Medical Education. Grants are welcomed for the preparation and dissemination of brochures, announcements, and posters, which will be prepared by, and identified with the Society. Company representatives should not issue formal invitations for the activity to physicians unless expressly approved by the designated CME staff.
  • Representatives: Company representatives may attend all meetings, with a name badge provided by the Society.
  • Exhibits: Booths or other displays are allowed on a rental basis. Such displays must be set up in a separate exhibit area. (HOD, 0413)