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EMM-007: A Comprehensive Plan for the Emergency Medical System (EMS) in Wisconsin

A Comprehensive Plan for the Emergency Medical System (EMS) in Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Medical Society:

  • Supports the continued development and government funding of a comprehensive plan for an emergency medical system (EMS) (including EMS for children) in Wisconsin.
  • Supports liability protection for those physicians providing medical direction on a voluntary basis.
  • Urges that all such EMS services have expert physician involvement and review on a continuing basis for quality assurance and medical control.
  • Endorses regional trauma systems with medical direction, trauma registries, triage plans, quality assurance and coordinated care of acutely traumatized patients.
  • Supports the appointment of an EMS Medical Advisory Committee comprised of experts actively practicing in the fields of emergency medicine, emergency nursing, EMS instruction, basic and advanced care EMS providers. Selection shall be from slates provided to the Secretary of the Department of Health Services by each of the respective state professional organizations. A major function of this committee will be for expert advice to the EMS Section on all activities regarding patient care and the practice of all pre-hospital field providers.
  • Supports adequate funding for the state EMS Office to enable the appropriate and proper review, licensing, education and ongoing support of the many services in the state.
  • Supports continuing education and training for physicians regarding the medical aspects of the EMS program. (HOD, 0415)