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EOH-007: Herbicide and Pesticide Use

Herbicide and Pesticide Use: The Wisconsin Medical Society supports:

  1. The appropriate use of landscape herbicides and pesticides in private, commercial and municipal settings based on consideration of the risks and benefits of such chemical use.
  2. Appropriate training, inspection and certification of applicators who use these agents.
  3. Inspection and certification of the carrier chemicals and equipment.
  4. As a minimum standard, posting or notification of chemical application at the site in an expeditious manner, with brief, but informative content regarding the primary and carrier agents and the date of application.
  5. Posting additional informational fact sheets, whenever possible, at the site of application to describe, in language the general population can understand, the following product issues:
    1. The target organs at risk of exposure.
    2. The need for consistent safe application and clean-up methods to avoid chronic low dose exposure.
    3. The appropriate disposal methods. (HOD, 0415)