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HSR-003: Fee-For-Service Plans in Health System Reform

Fee-for-Service Plans in Health System Reform: The Wisconsin Medical Society will support health system reform plans that:

  1. Provide universal access to include reasonable basic benefits, patient education and significant patient responsibility for their own health care choices and behavior.
  2. Include a true fee-for-service option, including balance billing.
  3. Allow physicians and patients choice of plans and physicians.
  4. Alleviate regulatory hassles and preserve high quality care.
  5. Provide meaningful antitrust relief, including the ability for state and county medical societies to form partnerships of physicians for the purpose of being “accountable health plans.”
  6. Provide true tort reform.
  7. Provide significant insurance market reforms.
  8. Recognize the physician’s responsibility and authority in medical decision-making and treatment in conjunction with the patient.
  9. Charges for services should be derived, billed and made available for public information in advance and in a clear and transparent manner. Specifically, the Society supports transparency in charges and insurance payment for these charges for health care delivery systems, insurers, payors and third-party administrators.

The Society also supports outcome and price transparency disclosures for hospitals and health systems. (HOD, 0418)