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MCH-002: Blood Lead Level Guidelines for Children

Blood Lead Level Guidelines for Children: The Wisconsin Medical Society supports the 1998 “A Physician’s Guide to Blood Lead Screening and Treatment of Lead Poisoning in Children,” which recommends the following:

  • For children outside of the cities of Racine and Milwaukee, the child’s risk should be assessed by looking at the age of the home, the status of home renovations, whether siblings or playmates have suffered lead poisoning, and whether the child is Medicaid, HealthCheck or WIC eligible. If the child is at risk, a blood test should be performed.
  • For Milwaukee and Racine resident children, the guidelines recommend “Three before age 3” or administering blood tests to all children at 6, 12 and 24 months of age.
  • If the child is enrolled in Medicaid, HealthCheck or WIC, testing should be done between ages 3 and 5, if no record of prior testing is available.
  • The Society advocates for the state to use the information gathered from screening programs to accelerate and fund lead abatement programs.
  • The Society also supports improved parent and public education regarding the risks of lead poisoning in children (HOD, 0414)