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MRC-043: Statement of Principles for Medical Assistance (Medicaid)

Statement of Principles for Medical Assistance (Medicaid): The Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) supports (in no specific order) policies regarding the Wisconsin Medical Assistance (MA) program that:

  • Allocate limited resources to benefit the greatest number of people with comprehensive health care.
  • Cover the following services: inpatient and outpatient hospital services, preventive and primary care services including reproductive health services, maternity care services, pediatric services (e.g., newborn care including congenital deformities), laboratory services, emergency hospital services, mental and behavioral health services, hospice and respite care and pharmaceutical benefits.
  • Optimize the health status of Wisconsin’s residents through use of all available means demonstrated to be effective.
  • Are developed through a public process with structured public input.
  • Commit to meet budget constraints by modifying benefits rather than removing people from coverage or reducing payments to levels below the cost of care.
  • Allow and develop explicit health service priorities to guide resource allocation decisions with input to be provided by patients and physicians, and are determined by evidence-based practices.
  • Protect funding for cost-effective prevention, treatment and chronic disease management.
  • Improve end-of-life care and adequately allocate funds to sustain existing and future long-term care programs. (HOD, 0418)