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ORG-003: Public Disclosure of Affiliations

Public Disclosure of Affiliations: The Wisconsin Medical Society requires that the officers, directors, and nominees for elected office of the Society disclose on an annual basis all significant affiliations. Disclosure will be modeled on the requirements of the ACCME and consistent with state and federal law.

The definition of significant affiliations includes all financial or leadership relationships that may be reasonably anticipated to have a material effect on issues considered, policies developed, or activities undertaken by the Society.

Financial relationships include compensation, contracts, honoraria, stock ownership representing more than 10 percent of any one corporation’s holdings or other remuneration or consideration.

Leadership relationships include service as an officer, director or trustee of an organization.

Disclosure will include all current relationships and all relationships during the preceding five years. As appropriate, the officer, director or candidate should report significant affiliations of immediate family members. Immediate family members are defined as a spouse, parent or child.

The Wisconsin Medical Society requests that the above disclosures be published on the members-only section of the Society website prior to elections. (HOD, 0415)