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PHI-005: Enhancing Physician Interest in the Medical Care of People With Profound Developmental Disabilities

Enhancing Physician Interest in the Medical Care of People with Profound Developmental Disabilities: The Wisconsin Medical Society supports:

  • Advocating for the highest quality medical care for persons with profound developmental disabilities in Wisconsin.
  • Encouraging support for health care facilities whose primary mission is to meet the health care needs of persons with profound developmental disabilities.
  • Encouraging faculty and trainees of medical schools and residency programs to appreciate the opportunities for exploring fascinating diagnostic and therapeutic challenges while also accruing significant personal rewards when delivering care with professionalism to persons with profound developmental disabilities and multiple comorbid medical conditions in any setting.
  • Encouraging medical schools and graduate medical education programs in Wisconsin to establish and encourage enrollment in electives rotations for medical students and residents at Wisconsin’s Centers for the Developmentally Disabled.
  • Informing Wisconsin physicians that when they are presented with an opportunity to care for patients with profound developmental disabilities, there is a resource available to them in the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry. (BOD, 0618)