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PUB-018: Organ Donation

Organ Donation: The Wisconsin Medical Society encourages citizens to become organ, eye, and tissue donors, supports continued efforts to educate the public on the desirability of, and the need for, organ donations, and supports the statewide Wisconsin Donor Registry, which should continue to adhere to the following ideals:

  • Donor information in the registry should be easily accessible at all times only to Wisconsin’s organ procurement organizations, and to individuals actively involved in the process of gaining consent, or harvesting or transplanting the donor’s organs.
  • Donor information in the registry should be accurate and timely.
  • The registry should contain a minimum amount of information about the donor as is necessary for identification of the donor and completion of the donation process. Donor information that may directly or indirectly identify an individual must remain confidential, and should not be accessible to the public, governmental personnel other than those administering the registry, or any private business or association.
  • The registry should have as many access points as possible where potential donors register as organ donors.
  • The Society also encourages collaboration among Wisconsin’s medical community, organ procurement organizations, organ transplant centers, state government and other interested persons or entities to educate Wisconsin’s citizens about the benefits of organ donation and donor registries. (HOD, 0417)