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SMK-002: Smoking and Tobacco

Smoking and Tobacco: The Wisconsin Medical Society, recognizing the evidence of adverse effects that tobacco use, addiction and smoking have on the health of Wisconsin residents,
tobacco users and non-users alike, supports:

  • Regulating tobacco products by the Food and Drug Administration under similar provisions and statutes as alcohol products.
  • Promotion of smoke-free indoor environments, including all businesses, educational establishments, workplaces and all places where the public may gather.
  • Disclosure of tobacco ingredients and placement of appropriate “injurious to health” messages on tobacco product packaging
  • Banning tobacco advertising.
  • Restricting sales of tobacco products to minors and increasing the enforcement of punitive measures of such sales.
  • Assessing, as a component of every new-patient examination, all patients for risk of tobacco-related illness regardless of whether a patient currently uses, formerly used or never used tobacco products.
  • The Wisconsin cigarette excise tax to reduce cigarette consumption and using the funds generated to support a statewide comprehensive tobacco control program. (HOD, 0415)