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UNS-008: American Indians and Tribal Health

American Indians and Tribal Health: The Wisconsin Medical Society supports improving the health of American Indians by promoting comprehensive and culturally appropriate clinical and community health care. The Society:

  • Advocates for sufficient funding to the Indian Health Service, particularly for contract health services.
  • Supports the Wisconsin-tailored initiatives of benefits counselors, joint contracting and provider negotiations, and tribal clinician network expansion.
  • Supports the efforts of the Bemidji Area Indian Health Service, the Wisconsin Tribal Health Programs and the Native American Center for Health Professions at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health to improve the health status of Indian people through consultation, support and advocacy.
  • Encourages the continued, appropriate use of the Resource and Patient Management System to research ways to improve Indian health.
  • Recognizes the specific religious and cultural beliefs of the various Wisconsin Tribes and American Indians, and the importance of those beliefs to quality health care. (HOD, 0415).