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VIO-001: Support for Legislative Action and Improved Research on the Health Response to Violence and Abuse

Support for Legislative Action and Improved Research on the Health Response to Violence and Abuse: The Wisconsin Medical Society supports the AMA’s efforts, in conjunction with other members of the Federation and the National Advisory Council on Violence and Abuse to:

  1. identify and actively support state and federal legislative proposals designed to increase scientific knowledge, promote public and professional awareness, enhance recognition and ensure access to appropriate medical services for patients who have experienced violence and/or abuse.
  2. Actively support legislation and congressional authorizations designed to increase the nation’s health care infrastructure addressing violence and abuse including proposals like the Health CARES (Child Abuse Research, Education and Services) Network.
  3. Actively support expanded funding for research on the primary prevention of violence and abuse, the cost of violence and abuse to the health care system, and the efficacy of interventions and methods utilized in the identification and treatment of victims of violence and abuse.
  4. Actively study the best practices in diagnosis and management of family violence (including an analysis of studies not reviewed in the recent US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations on Screening for Family Violence) and present a report that identifies future research and practice recommendations.
  5. Invite a Federation-wide task force to review and promote the best practices in the identification, management and prevention of family violence. (Res. 438, A-04) (HOD, 0411)*