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WOM-001: Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health Education

Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health Education: The Wisconsin Medical Society supports legislation requiring Wisconsin schools to provide students with comprehensive information about developing healthy relationships, preventing unintended pregnancy and preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs); and that incomplete education programs, such as those offering uniquely abstinence-only education, are not supported by this society. To better foster good reproductive health practices among the state’s citizens, the Wisconsin Medical Society supports:

  • Recognizing and preventing sexual abuse and dating violence.
  • Understanding the physical and emotional changes of puberty and adolescence.
  • Developing healthy relationships, including those with family, friends and significant others.
  • Recognizing how drugs and alcohol impair judgment, especially in the context of intimate relationships.
  • Education on abstinence, postponing the age of onset of sexual activity, use of birth control and barrier methods for prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.
  • Encouraging communication with parents and other trusted adults about these issues.
  • Local school boards will determine the particular age-appropriate reproductive health education programs for their communities.
  • Appropriate state entities performing a program evaluation of the various adolescent pregnancy prevention programs offered around the state, with sound methodology and long-term follow-up, so that programs offered to local school districts might be the most effective. (HOD, 0417)