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Performance Measurement

How do you compare?

In today’s dynamic health care environment, credible data and the ability to interpret and learn from that data are essential for physician practices seeking to deliver the best evidence-based care in the most efficient way. The Wisconsin Medical Society understands that.

That’s why, as a founding member of the Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO), we represented the interests of physicians and patients in creating one of the most comprehensive sources of health insurance claims information in the nation.

We’ve also developed the expertise and resources required to mine that data. Through data analysis, we can understand the most common and expensive health conditions, examine trends in utilization over time, and compare utilization rates to state and regional benchmarks.

WHIO data offers many opportunities to analyze health insurance claims information to understand utilization patterns across the state and at the regional, system, clinic and individual physician levels. The Society offers several standard as well as custom data analytic services to assist systems and individual physicians in their understanding and use of the WHIO data.

Turn to the Wisconsin Medical Society’s team of experts to help your organization leverage data to meet its own strategic objectives.