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The Artistic Autistic Savant

Artistically inclined autistic savants create and perform their art with fluid ease. To them, it is as natural as breathing. Some can hear a piano concerto once and play it back flawlessly. Others can catch a fleeting glimpse of a running horse and recreate it perfectly in clay.

To many of the artistic savants, it is their release — their escape — their way to fit into a noisy and disordered world. Their way to connect with the people around them. They create and they perform because they are compelled to by the forces that make them unique, but they also do so because it brings them tremendous joy.

This page will briefly walk you through a few of the savant artists, both visual and musical. I encourage you to follow the links through to the full profiles of these amazing people, and especially to watch the video clips. More on musical and artistic savants can also be found in the “related items” links on the right side of the page.

Richard Wawro

Alonzo Clemons

Leslie Lemke

Matt Savage

Stephen Wiltshire