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Volume 108, Issue 6 (September 2009)

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Without reform, is health care an endangered species?

Volume 108, Issue 6

This issue of the Wisconsin Medical Journal demonstrates the need for health care reform, from both the patient and the physician’s perspective. With those perspectives in mind, and the decline in medical students choosing careers in general medicine, are generalists the next endangered species?


Letter to the Editor (PDF)

The whooping cranes of medicine (PDF)
John J. Frey, III, MD

As I See It: Show health the money (PDF)
David Rakel, MD

Original Contributions

Consequences of Uninsurance in Wisconsin (PDF)
Lois B. Taft, DNSc, RN; Katherine A. German-Olson, MSN, RN; Cindy Woldt-Schmidt, BSN, RN; Jennifer L.
Johs-Artisensi, PhD, MPH; Eric M. Jamelske, PhD

Wisconsin Physician Opinions on Health Care Reform (PDF)
Anne E. Getzin, BA; Kjersti E. Knox, BA; Alison Bergum, MPA; Lindsay Read, BA; Ceri Jenkins, MPA; Richard Rieselbach, MD; Chad Kniss, MA; Thomas R. Oliver, PhD; Donna Friedsam, MPH

Clinical Outcomes in a Community-Based Single Operator Coronary Interventional Program (PDF)
Christian J. Posner, MD, PhD; Carol L. Kaufman, RT (R) (CV)

Career Satisfaction and Retention Risk Among Wisconsin Internists (PDF)
Pradeep Giriyappa, MD; Kandis K. Sullivan, RN, PhD

Case Reports

Painless Blood Testing to Prevent Neonatal Sepsis (PDF)
Dennis T. Costakos, MD; Jennifer Walden, MS, NNP-BC; Mary Therese Rinzel, RN, MSN; Lynn Dahlen, BSN, RNC

Treatment of Intractable Abdominal Pain Patient with Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba Syndrome Using Spinal Cord Stimulation (PDF)
Alexander E. Yakovlev, MD; Beth E. Resch, APNP

Your Profession

AMA and Wisconsin Medical Society: together we are stronger (PDF)
Cyril M. “Kim” Hetsko, MD, FACP

Integration of spine research and clinical activities drives innovation, outcomes (PDF)
Jonathan I. Ravdin, MD

A project to reduce potentially inappropriate medications and drug interactions (PDF)
Jay A. Gold, MD, JD, MPH

Your Practice

Sentinel events, disruptive behavior, and medical staff codes of conduct (PDF)
Michelle Leiker, JD