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Volume 108, Issue 9 (December 2009)

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“Medicine is not a trade to be learned, but a profession to be entered.”—Frances W. Peabody

Volume 108, Issue 9

Wisconsin Medical Society President Robert Jaeger, MD, FACOG, says “…I believe the answer to the problems facing medicine begins with professionalism.” This issue of the Wisconsin Medical Journal focuses on the theme of his presidency: professionalism, and the different ways that being a professional can not only impact your interactions with colleagues, but patients and community members as well.


Letter to the Editor (PDF)

By increasing our commitment to professionalism, we can do better (PDF)
Robert J. Jaeger, MD, FACOG

Professionalism: A “critical care” component in health care reform (PDF)
Richard A. Dart, MD

Creating an atmosphere of respect (PDF)
John J. Frey, III, MD

Original Contributions

Social Determinants of Smoking Among Hmong
Americans Residing in Wisconsin
Brenda L. Rooney, PhD, MPH; Rajiv Choudhary, MPH; Al Bliss, BS

Travel-Associated Dengue Illnesses
Among Wisconsin Residents, 2002-2008
Mark J. Sotir, PhD, MPH; Diep K. Hoang Johnson, BS; Jeffrey P. Davis, MD

The Wisconsin Network for Health Research (WiNHR): A Statewide, Collaborative, Multi-disciplinary, Research Group (PDF)
Howard J. Bailey, MD; William Agger, MD; Dennis Baumgardner, MD; James K. Burmester, PhD; Ron A. Cisler, PhD; Jennifer Evertsen, MS; Ingrid Glurich, PhD; David Hartman, PhD; Steven H. Yale, MD, FACP; David DeMets, PhD

Case Reports

A Case of Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Presenting with Associated Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (PDF)
Adarsh Varma, MD; Bret J. Spier, MD; Patrick R. Pfau, MD; Nasia Safdar, MD, MS

Marrow Suppression with Myelodysplastic Features, Hypoerythropoetinemia, and Lipotrophic Proptosis Due to Rosiglitazone (PDF)
Derek E. Clevidence, MD, PhD; Mark B. Juckett, MD; Mark J. Lucarelli, MD

Your Profession

Proceedings from the 2008 Annual Meeting of the American College of Physicians, Wisconsin Chapter (PDF)

Dean’s Corner
The Collaborative Center for Health Equity:
A strategic priority at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health
Sarah Esmond, MS; Alexandra Adams, MD, PhD; Christine Sorkness, PharmD; Robert N. Golden, MD

Your Practice

From the Office of General Counsel
Recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision
impacts noncompetition agreements
Thomas P. Godar, JD; Paul D. Cranley, JD

Your Society

2009 Physician Citizen of the Year combines
service, medicine, and faith
Jessica Steinhoff

Call for Papers, Reviewers

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