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Volume 114, Issue 1 (February 2015)

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In This Issue
John J. Frey, III, MD, WMJ Medical Editor
Education Saves Lives
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As I See It
Justin Yamanuha, MD
A Summer House Call in Wisconsin
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Original Research

Emmanuel M. Ngui, DrPH, MSc; Chelsea Hamilton, MA; Melodee Nugent, MS; Pippa Simpson, PhD; Earnestine Willis, MD, MPH
Evaluation of a Social Marketing Campaign to Increase Awareness of Immunizations for Urban Low-Income Children
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James K. Burmester, PhD; Richard L. Berg; John R. Schmelzer, PhD; Joseph J Mazza, MD; Steven H. Yale, MD
Factors That Affect Rate of INR Decline After Warfarin Discontinuation
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Health Innovations

Thomas D. Garvey, MD; Ann E. Evensen, MD, FAAFP
Increased Patient Communication Using a Process Supplementing an Electronic Medical Record
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Case Report

Padmavathi Mali, MD; Sudheer Muduganti, MD;
Kamilla J. Buddemeier, MD

Coronary Dissection in a Patient with Essential Thrombocytosis
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Your Profession

Karl H. Doege, Medical Editor; Mr. J.G. Crownhart, Managing Editor; Miss Dorothy Cirdland, Assistant Editor
Looking Back…to 1940 – A Long Way Off
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Proceedings from the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American College of Physicians, Wisconsin Chapter
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Your Practice

Classified Ads
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