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WMJ Vol. 118 No. 1: Brief Report

Student Leadership Development Initiative:
A Pilot for a Sustainable, Replicable Model for Incorporating Leadership into Medical Education

John M. Idso, BS; Zachary M. Helmen, BBA; William J. Hueston, MD; John R. Meurer, MD, MBA


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Introduction: Today’s medical students are tomorrow’s leaders. As leadership training becomes incorporated into undergraduate medical education, there is a need for validated educational models that are both effective and replicable.

Methods: Between April 2017 and October 2017, groups of 15 to 20 medical students participated in sessions with an exemplary physician leader incorporating a guided interview format and discussion about her or his career. Prepared questions ensured leadership domains were covered. The program was evaluated using a post-session survey.

Results: One hundred percent of survey respondents (N=58) reported that the session was a good use of time. Seventy-eight percent felt more prepared to lead a team; 93% learned specific ways to improve their leadership skills.

Discussion: This leadership program is a unique model to provide leadership education to medical students that is both effective and replicable.

Author Affiliations: Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wis (Idso, Helmen, Hueston, Meurer).

Corresponding Author: John M. Idso, BS, Medical College of Wisconsin, 9020 W North Ave, Apt 6, Milwaukee, WI 53226; email john.milton.idso@gmail.com.

Funding/Support: Funding for meals during the sessions was provided by a grant from the Office of Academic Affairs at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Financial Disclosures: None declared.