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Society launches new option
for political contributions

The Wisconsin Medical Society kicked off a stronger and more focused plan for building its political action committee (WISMedPAC) and conduit (WISMedDIRECT) efforts during the Society’s Annual Meeting on April 13 and 14. Specifically, contributors now may send funds from their WISMedDIRECT accounts to federal candidates. During the Annual Meeting, Society members and other health care leaders contributed almost $25,000 to WISMedPAC and WISMedDIRECT.

“While it will be critical that the Society continues to maintain and grow its state political program efforts, this new opportunity means physicians’ and the Society’s voices now will be amplified at the federal level as well,” said John Hartman, MD, acting chair of the WISMedPAC Board of Directors. “This comes at a critical time when health care reform and its implementation are having a greater impact on the work of and care provided by physicians every day.”

The Society’s political presence at both Capitols will be strengthened by members’ continued support of statewide candidates and this new option at the federal level. Physicians who would like to take advantage of this opportunity should e-mail Heidi Green, the newest member of the Society’s Government Relations team, or call her at 608.442.3720.

Contributions also may be made via the Society’s website. Contributions to WISMedDIRECT remain in a personal “political bank account” until the contributor authorizes moving them.

To contribute online, Society members must log in to the website. Non-members may create a web account here to contribute online. Click here to learn more.

WISMedDIRECT, also known as a conduit, is very popular with physicians because it allows physicians and their spouses to designate funds to be given as individual contributions to candidates of their choice. Through WISMedDIRECT, physicians decide who receives their contributions and when. WISMedDIRECT bundles all contributions received for a candidate and forwards one large check to that campaign. By combining contributions, the political influence of Wisconsin physicians is increased. WISMedDIRECT also sends a letter identifying each contributing individual so the candidate is aware of the individual’s support and amount. This account is controlled by the physician, and any contribution made from the account constitutes a contribution from the individual, not WISMedDIRECT.

WISMedPAC makes contributions to the campaigns of state politicians that have been identified as being pro-health care. Contributions are made in the name of WISMedPAC and are at the direction of the WISMedPAC Board of Directors, which uses the money for the maximum benefit to the Society’s interests. Physicians keep a lower profile because individual contributions are acknowledged only as a part of one check from the organization.

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