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Milwaukee-area business group endorses Honoring Choices Wisconsin

Honoring Choices Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Medical Society’s advance care planning initiative, was highlighted in the July 28 edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In an opinion piece, Dianne Kiehl – executive director of the Business Health Care Group in Franklin – addressed the recent death of her mother and how early conversations helped Kiehl make decisions about her mother’s care.

“Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to go through the facilitator training for Honoring Choices Wisconsin, and it gave me a great appreciation for the process of initiating the conversation about end-of-life care,” Kiehl said. “The Business Health Care Group … strongly endorses this initiative and is pleased that some of our local providers are participating and hope other provider systems in our area join.”

Kiehl’s article is available on the Journal Sentinel website. Click here to learn more about Honoring Choices Wisconsin.

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The name “Honoring Choices Wisconsin” is used under license from the East Metro Medical Society Foundation.