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Council to brainstorm obesity prevention, intervention Feb. 21

The Society’s Council on Health Care Quality and Population Health will continue its comprehensive efforts to address obesity in Wisconsin at 1 p.m. Thursday, February 21. Council members, who passed a new obesity policy in November, will learn about current efforts to prevent and treat obesity and what the Society’s role can be. Society members are invited to participate in the Council meeting at the Society’s headquarters in Madison.

Amy Meinen, director of the Wisconsin Obesity Prevention Network, will share information about current efforts to address obesity in Wisconsin, including identifying areas where physicians are needed most to influence lasting change in obesity rates. The Council also will consider a proposed health literacy resolution, intoxicated boating policy and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention’s vaccination recommendations for the Human papillomavirus in relation to Society Resolution 23 – 2010.

To view the meeting agenda and minutes from previous meetings, visit the Society’s website.

Society Councils draft, research and review resolutions that become Society policy, inform Society staff on direction in the State Capitol and advocate for physicians in government, hospitals, clinics and communities. For more information about joining the Council on Health Care Quality and Population Health or participating on a topic-by-topic basis, please e-mail Nikita Sessler in the Society’s Government Relations Department.

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