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Members invited to join Council’s mental health policy discussion

The Wisconsin Medical Society’s Council on Health Care Access will begin development of new policy related to mental health at 11 a.m. Wednesday, February 20. Society members are invited to participate in the meeting at the Society’s headquarters in Madison.

Sue McKenzie, health educator and program director of Rogers InHealth, will discuss InHealth’s goals and initiatives, collaborative work and future initiatives of Wisconsin United for Mental Health, and other topics related to stigma in health care. The Council will discuss options for expanding patient access to mental health care, improving early identification and intervention for mental health treatment, providing physician education opportunities, creating better understanding among all health professionals about caring for people with mental illness and addressing problems of stigma. The Council likely will form a work group to write new policy.

The meeting agenda and minutes from previous meetings are available online. Society Councils draft, research and review resolutions that become Society policy, inform Society staff on direction in the State Capitol and advocate for physicians in government, hospitals, clinics and communities. For more information about joining the Council on Access or participating on a topic-by-topic basis, please e-mail Nikita Sessler in the Society’s Government Relations Department.

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