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Treffert part of Popular Science article exploring acquired savant

The March issue of Popular Science carries an extensive piece on the acquired savant: When Brain Damage Locks the Genius Within. Past Society President Darold Treffert, MD, a world-recognized expert on savant syndrome is quoted in the article, which focuses on Derek Amato and other acquired savants, as well as the science behind them.

Dr. Treffert has written in the past about the acquired savant. This article, as well as several others he has authored about savant syndrome and hyperlexia, is posted on www.savantsyndrome.com, a website maintained and hosted by the Wisconsin Medical Society. The site also includes a number of savant profiles written by Dr. Treffert. The most recent articles, posted last week, are Savant Syndrome 2013: Myths and Realities and The Savant Registry—A Preliminary Report.

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