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Wisconsin chosen for practice satisfaction initiative

As Wisconsin Medical Society CEO Rick Abrams mentioned during a physician workforce panel discussion in December, Wisconsin is one of six states selected by the American Medical Association (AMA) to participate in a practice satisfaction initiative. Jay Crosson, MD, the AMA’s new vice president of professional satisfaction in care delivery and payment, told Wisconsin Health News that Wisconsin was chosen because of the state’s “very sophisticated physician-led organizations” and its innovative efforts to improve health care.

The AMA and RAND Health will work with a diverse group of about five practices in each of the six states – Colorado, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. “We are going onsite, interviewing and examining the nature of the practices, particularly the changes that are going on, and (surveying) the physicians in those practices about what seems to be working well and what isn’t working well,” Dr. Crosson said in an interview published in the January 18 edition of Wisconsin Health News.

This information will be used to develop different models for working environments that promote professional satisfaction and sustainability, he said. The full article, reprinted with permission from Wisconsin Health News, is here.

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