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NGS selects local coverage determination policies

National Government Services (NGS) will adopt several local coverage determination (LCD) policies used by WPS Medicare when it takes over as the new Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for Part A/B Jurisdiction 6 (J6). The policies that are not adopted by the NGS Medical Policy team will be retired or replaced by other LCDs.

NGS will have 62 LCD policies in J6 to assist physicians and other health care professionals in determining coverage of select Medicare services provided beginning September 7, 2013. These policies and other important information about the J6 MAC transition are available on the NGS website.

Physicians and other health care professionals will have the opportunity to learn more about the LCD policies during free webinars in June. During these sessions, NGS will discuss the J6 LCDs, how and why the LCDs were developed and how they may affect physicians and others health care professionals who provide services to Medicare beneficiaries. To register, visit the NGS website and click “Training Events Center” in the left column (then select the month of June and enter LCD for the keyword).

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