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Society testifies for ‘apology’ bill,
against contraception limits bill

The Wisconsin Medical Society provided physician input on proposed state legislation receiving a public hearing this week at the Assembly Committee on Health.

The Society testified in support of Assembly Bill 120, which is aimed at improving physician-patient communication following a negative or unexpected outcome. Sometimes referred to as “apology” legislation, AB 120 would keep physician statements of condolence, regret, fault and the like out of medical liability lawsuits by excluding those statements from being used as evidence in a lawsuit. The testimony is available here.

Rep. Erik Severson (R-Star Prairie), the lead Assembly author, is chair of the Assembly Health Committee.

The Society testified against Assembly Bill 216, which would eliminate Wisconsin’s current mandate for insurance plans to provide contraceptive care – an element clearly contrary to current Society policy: INS-010: Coverage for Contraceptive Drugs. The bill also would bar the state’s Group Insurance Board (GIB) from contracting with any health insurance plan offering abortion services. The GIB selects health insurance plans offered to state employees and retirees. The Society’s testimony is available here.

Both bills are now eligible for a committee vote and could advance to the full Assembly later this session.

For more information, contact Mark Grapentine, JD, in the Society’s Government Relations Department.

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